Applied Physics and Advanced Technologies


Natanael Cuando-Espitia

Papers indexed at Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

[06] “High repetition rate femtosecond laser heat accumulation and ablation thresholds in cobalt-binder and binderless tungsten carbides”

Kendrick Mensink, Elias H. Penilla, Pablo Martínez-Torres, Natanael Cuando-Espitia, Suveen Mathaudhu, Guillermo Aguilar. Natanael Cuando-Espitia
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 266, 388-396 (2019).

[05] “Random laser imaging of bovine pericardium under the uniaxial tensile test”

Francisco Sánchez-Arévalo, Juan Hernández-Cordero Natanael Cuando-Espitia
Biomedical Optics Express, 9(8), 3523-353 (2018).

[04] “Influence of oxygen pressure on the fs laserinduced oxidation of molybdenum thin films”

Jon Redenius, Kendrick Mensink, Marco Camacho-López, Santiago Camacho-López, Guillermo Aguila. Natanael Cuando-Espitia
Optical Materials Express, 8(3), 581-596 (2018) (2018).

[02] "Angular distribution of random laser emission"

Natanael Cuando-Espitia , F. Tenopala-Carmona, C. García-Segundo and J. Hernández-Cordero.
Optics Letters 39(3), 655-658 (2014).

[01] “Evaluation of mechanical behavior of soft tissue by means of random laser emission”

Natanael Cuando-Espitia , J. C. Briones-Herrera, F. M. Sánchez-Arévalo and J. Hernández-Cordero.
Review of Scientific Instruments, 84(10), 104301(2013).