Fiber and Integrated Optics Laboratory

Welcome to FIOlab

The FIO Lab is engaged in the development of novel photonic devices based on optical fibers and integrated optics. Applications are mainly related to sensing (curvature, temperature, refractive index, salinity, and pressure, for instance) and telecomm (tunable lasers, photonic switches, modulators). Fiber devices are developed using mainly specialty fibers and integrated devices are fabricated using different platforms such as Silicon on Insulator (SOI), polymers, and InP. The FIO Lab is located at the Unidad Aguascalientes, Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, A.C.

Dr. Daniel A. May-Arrioja is currently a full time Researcher, and also the Coordinator of CIO Unidad Aguascalientes.


  • • Sept. 2014, Miguel A. Cruz-García, Deborah G. Martínez-Camacho, and Karina González-Gutiérrez will make a research visit for two months at the UPNA Pamplona, Spain.
  • • June 2014, Rafael Guzmán-Cabrera wins the 5th place, graduate category, on the Sustainable Water challenge from the ICA Foundation. Congratulations!!.
  • • Oct. 2012, We welcome Dr. Daniel López-Cortes who joins the FIO Lab as a postdoctoral student.
  • • Oct. 2012, M.Sc. Daniel López-Cortes successfully defends his final Ph.D. examination. Congratulations!!
  • • Oct. 2012, R. Guzmán-Cabrera et. al., Digital Image Processing Technique for Breast Cancer Detection, Int J Thermophys.
  • • Oct. 2012, Dr. Víctor I. Ruíz-Pérez receives a postdoctoral scholarship from CONACyT to spent one year at the FIO Lab.
  • • Aug. 2012, Mr. Miguel Fuentes-Fuentes graduates with a M.Sc. in Optics from INAOE.
  • • March 2012, M.Sc. José E. Antonio-López successfully defends his final Ph.D. examination. Congratulations!!.
  • • March 2012, M.Sc. Arturo Alberto Castillo-Guzmán successfully defends his final Ph.D. examination. Congratulations!!.