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Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda

Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda



    • B. Sc. (Physics, Cumulative GPA 9.3/10), National Autonomous University of México (1972)

    • Ph. D. (Applied Optics) Supervisor H. H. Hopkins, Fellow of the Royal Society, J. J. Thomson Lab, University of Reading, United Kingdom (1976)

    • M. Sc. Management of Technology, (Cumulative GPA 4.7/5), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (2002)

    • Jorge has written 165 papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, and more than 110 papers in conference proceedings.

    • He has delivered more than 50 invited talks in International Meetings

    • He is a member of the editorial boards:

    -Journal of Optics (Optical Society of India)

    -Optical Memory and Neural Networks (Allerton Press)

    • In Google Scholars he is classified as:

    Citations-------- 3627

    h-index-------- 31

    i10-index-------- 87

    • He has co-edited the following books:

    -“Phase-Space Optics: Fundamentals and Applications” (McGraw-Hill, 2010)

    -The Milestone volumes’ SPIE 128 (Zone Plates) & SPIE 181 (Phase-space Optics).

    -The SPIE Proceedings Vol. 8833 (2013) and Vol. 9142 (2014)

    -The special number “Phase-Space Optics” in Applied Optics (August 1, 2008)

    • He is a Fellow member of:

    -Optical Society of India (OSI, 2006)

    -Optical Society of America (OSA, 1993)

    -Society of Photo-Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE, 1991)

    -Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (1982-1984 & 2004)

    -The Electromagnetism Academy (MIT; USA, 1989)

    -Mexican Academy of Science (1985)

    • Jorge has received the following honors:

    -Mexican Academy of Optics (AMO) offers an award under his name: “Best Poster, on theoretical Optics, presented by a student (2019).

    -The Research Award, “Mexican Physical Society” (1994).

    -Research Award, “Mexican Academy of Optics” (1990).

    -National Research Fellow, Level III (1988, 1992, 1996, 2004, 2014,2024).

    -National Research Fellow, Level II (1985-1988).

    • He has served as:

    -General director, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica México (1984-1988-1992)

    -Treasurer, “Optics within Life Science” (1993-1996)

    -Vice-President of the “International Commission for Optics” (1996-1999-2002)

    -President, Academia Mexicana de Optica (1996-1998)

    -Dean of the School of Science, Universidad de las Americas, Mexico (1996-2001)

    • Currently Jorge is

    -Full Professor, at the University of Guanajuato, México (2007-2020).