The scope of this meeting encompasses all of the major areas in optics and this meeting reports on the results of research that are having major impacts both in the scientific community as well as the applications world. Technolosy atom in puls ca, advance in the dies ment anence and modern spectroscopy, and quantum optics to mention a few.

The meeting also has rich content of optical technologies ranging from the latest results in lighting and illumination engineering, the use of optical approaches in information sciences and optical communications to the latest developments in optical technologies for use in biomedical applications and clinical studies.

The meeting will include two collocated workshops. The first workshop (the week prior to the conference) will focus on fundamental science topics, while the second workshop (the week after the conference) will feature the more applied content areas. The conference will be organized with related content on either end of the week to facilitate participation in both the conference and a workshop depending on your area of interest.

As part of the activities during LAOP-2014 a commercial vendor exhibit will be held. Companies wishing to exhibit or demonstrate their products and technology can do so at the Conference Exhibit.


  • Dr Javier Sánchez-Mondragón

    INAOE, México

    General Chair
  • Dr. Elder de la Rosa Cruz

    CIO, México


  • Dr. Miguel Torres Cisneros

    University of Guanajuato, México

    Conference Chair
  • Dr. Daniel May Arrioja

    UAT, México

    Workshop Chair

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