LOAP 2017

Latin America Optics and Photonics

In honor of J.H. Erberly


The 2017 LAOP Workshop continues a series of biennial Workshops organized since 2010 in Cancun, Quintana Roo. The 2017 LAOP Workshop will be held in the beautiful Guadalajara, our Western Pearl, home of the mariachi and of outstanding cultural events, but also, our ¨Mexican Silicon Valley¨ because of its Information Technologies Industry. The perfect site for the future Information Science and Technologies that we aim to explore. The dates are February 15-26, 2017. The event will be divide in two parts, a technical one from February 15-23 and another one from February 24-26 where new perspectives On Line education, Training and R&D technologies will be discussed.

The aim LAOP Workshop is to become a friendly window to a young researchers and advanced graduate students, in particular Latin Americans, to the most frontiers topics of Optics and Photonics. The aim is to entice them to enter these promising fields and use the different national programs and opportunities to study abroad and organize collaborations in those topics. It is not surprise that once in a while, you will find a few senior professors that foresee those opportunities for their groups. The LAOP Workshops have always received the financial support from DEGESU-SEP and CONACyT, and the OSA sponsorship. That is more remarkable at this difficult times. This year the workshop technical part will cover several topics, among them those which are at the core of the modern quantum optics. and distinguish one of its champions with a long trajectory in Latin America, Joe Eberly. The Topics are Coherence, Entanglement and Classical entanglement and QED phenomena in Nanostructures. Those topics are packet in two sets that you can explore in the program to plan your attendance.

The aim of the Workshop is to provide an opportunity to students and young researches is to expand their optics and photonics horizons and be exposed to cutting edge research from the leaders, on a friendly environment that ease networking and further collaboration. To further encourage such liaison, there will be an important amount of time devoted to discussions along the courses and during the attendance poster session. In order to encourage a larger interaction between speakers and attendants will be lodged on the same site. All the lectures will be in English, therefore it is required to have an operative English that allows you understand with no problem a regular lecture in this language and to communicate efficiently.

Finally, the LAOP Workshops have made a point of honoring Optics and Photonics giants. Such was the case of Leonard Mandel, Emil Wolf, Herbert Walther and H. Moysés Nussenzweig. This year, we will honor Joseph H. Eberly, a figure that is not only a leader of Quantum Optics but if photonics has its share of disruptive technologies; we may call him a disruptive scientist. He pioneered optics and photonics electronics journals, and open an unexpected information window to the world optics and photonics with that open access journals. A daring pioneer on numerical simulations as a research tool, and a close friend on many countries where he has left a path of collaborations in particular in Latin America, of whom he has proved to be a fine allied. Let us close, in his words, with his most recent adventure, and topic of this workshop, "The transition zone between quantum mechanics and classical physics is, I would say, the most fascinating and the least understood frontier in physics. That area is so full of fascinating puzzles and this is such a nice way to explore one aspect of that frontier zone." We look forward to your attendance and hope that you will enjoy it.