LOAP 2017

Latin America Optics and Photonics

In honor of J.H. Erberly


he event will be divided in two parts, a technical one from February 15-23 to and another one from February 24-26 where new perspectives on Online education, Training and R&D technologies will be discussed. In order to attend to either LAOP 2017 Workshop parts you must fill up the


to assure an space at the headquarters hotel du to the high demand of the season. If you are a local, your middle day meal will be provided and we need to assure it.

  • If you are planning to attend the sessions of LAOP 2017 Technical Workshop you are expected to submit a two-page document no latter than two days after you admission to the email adress laop2017@gmail.com. If your work is approved, it has to be presented in a poster session. Files sould be submitted in word format, please adhere to the guide to prepare your LAOP 2017 manuscript, which can be downloaded by clicking on the following LINK. We are making an effort to provide a 100% lodging and meals support.
  • The LAOP 2017 Education and R&D Workshop sessions are oriented to education and R&D professionals. After the registration, they will receive the official invitation letter from the organizing committee and they do not require to submit the document mentioned in the point 1. We expect to provide partial lodging and meals support.